Expert Tips for Canoe Racing

Expert Tips for Canoe Racing

Participating in a canoe race is exciting and scary at the same time. Regardless of how long you’ve been racing, taking precautionary measures is paramount for every marathon you participate in. With everyone’s aim being a win, the race attracts both disciplined and rogue competitors. Here are fantastic tips that’ll boost your chances of winning a canoe racing competition.

How to Paddle the Boat

Stabilising the boat during the race is essential irrespective of how strong the waves are or how rough the stream is. Experts recommend paddling the boat from both sides to prevent it from pitching back and forth. Also, paddling should be done simultaneously from both sides to maximise the forward momentum.

Wear Your PFD

While paddling through the rough water, you can never tell when something weird is going to happen. Wearing your personal floatation device will keep you safe from drowning in case of an accident. Ensure it is in good condition before putting it on because it can’t save you if it’s torn.

Trim the Canoe

Racing against known competitors demands courage and proper plans. The canoe cannot get its maximum speed if the weight on the boat is not evenly distributed. Let the heaviest person sit at the bow of the boat. This will prevent the canoe from rising up with the waves to keep it down and increase the speed.

Navigating Whitewater and Waves

Overcoming wind resistance is difficult if you’re on the lead. Keep some distance and take advantage of the waves coming towards the canoe to surf smoothly. If the sea or lake is experiencing serious waves, approach them head-on because going against them sideways might overturn your boat.