Important Exercises for Canoeing

Important Exercises for Canoeing

Canoeing, just like playing mFortune slots, is an exciting and rewarding activity. However, without a strong core, canoeing is harder to support your upper and lower body while propelling the canoe forward. You must have proper abdominals, posture, core muscles, and hips to provide strong canoe strokes. This article outlines different exercises that can build your core muscles during canoe training.


If you’re looking for a perfect all-around figure, doing some push-ups each day will enhance your canoeing core muscles. Ensure the hands are apart from each other at shoulder width. The elbow must remain close to the bend even when the arms straighten and bend. Maintaining a straight posture and keeping the body stiff while doing the push-ups will lead to the fast development of the core muscles.

Try Hip Flexors

Remaining in a seated position for long every day affects your lower back and often causes hamstrings. By regularly stretching your hip flexors, you can minimise the pains and make them strong. Also, it helps in preventing you from developing a tilted pelvis.

Resilience to Injuries

Regular exercises improve your joint stability, ligament strength, and core control. These improvements help your body become resilient to injuries while canoeing in harsh waters. An individual easily transfers the power with excellent core control and can paddle for long without falling to fatigue.

When kayaking, you’re prone to different health and physical challenges. Undertaking canoe training ensures you learn the basics and provides you with access to proper exercises. Practise the above exercises to have a strong core and develop resilience to injuries. Remember to stretch before and after exercising, as this will prevent you from sustaining injuries.